Repair : fight against the programmed obsolescence

Recently the Wilmet Group formed collaborations with companies with a social purpose that repair certain machines dropped off to be destroyed.

As a consequence, we are shortening the loop as much as possible.  Without going as far as a complete destruction, these machines are dismantled, the breakdown is looked for and once repaired the machine is sold at a knock-down price.

The energy savings of such a procedure in relation to the classic circuit (crushing, recovery of components, manufacturing of recycled parts…) is huge and as economical in resources.  This is why it will always be better to repair than to recycle.

The programmed obsolescence of certain components, the lack of spare parts in the long-term, the difficulty linked to dismantling are some of the many aspects that drive people to throw away.

However, recent problems linked to too great a use of resources and energy are encouraging a good many associations and private companies to look for “alternative” solutions.

The Wilmet Group has joined forces with 2 companies from Namur to repair most of its electrical and electronic waste equipment.

The Hublot EFT collets dishwashers, washing machines and tumble dryers.  They entirely dismantle each machine and recover all parts still valid.  With these parts, they complete assemble new second-hand machines.  These machines are guaranteed 1 year and are like new…

Cyréo collects small household appliances (coffee percolators, toasters, fans…) they entirely dismantle each element and repair these before selling them as second-hand.  Just like new.


These two examples of collaboration show the desire that the Wilmet Group has to leave behind its historic role as Recycler.  We wish to position ourselves in the world of waste as a player that moves with the times.  Aware of what is at stake and our role.  Being a local player of resource saving.  By favouring short waste transformation cycles that we provide to an object that can be used by a third party, which also allows a less well-off bracket of the local population to have access to quality electrical and electronic appliances at lower prices.  “Killing two birds with one stone”.

Wilmet Namur