Close the loop

Let’s Close the Loop

the main objective of the Wilmet Group is to find local solutions to close the raw material cycle!


We collect different types of waste on our sites.

Our different institutions, spread out over Wallonia and Flanders, allow us to cover all of Belgium while remaining at a reasonable distance.

Thanks to this, we limit fossil energy consumption as much as possible, which allows us to reduce, from collection, the carbon footprint of future recycled raw materials.


We manually sort all waste.

Despite a lot higher cost in relation to the use of integrated sorting lines (crushers), we still prefer to work manually and this for several reasons:

1° Social role: by employing and training low-skilled local workers we help to improve the lives of a number of families and promote the local economy.

2°Energy consumption: we try to limit the carbon footprint of waste-resources that we treat as much as possible, this is why the group refrains from using machines that consume huge amounts of energy to crush and sort waste.

3° Quality: manual sorting allows certain objects to be taken out of the recycling chain that can go directly to be re-used or that go via repair industries or are directly transformed via upcycling. This considerably increases the product’s lifespan and limits the energy needed to recycle it.



For an optimal valorisation of each component that makes up waste, we dismantle, cut and crush waste of the same kind (mainly in electrical and electronic equipment waste (WEEE))

As some components are classed as dangerous waste, the risk of seeing them mix during a crushing operation is too high and contrary to the ecologic values that the Wilmet Group defends.

Favouring a short cycle

We try as much as possible to work with the shortest cycles possible.

Regarding the carbon footprint and therefore environmental impact, it is preferable to deliver to local clients than to have waste go halfway around the world to be recycled.

We therefore always favour proximity and traceability.

Being a player of the circular economy by favouring the re-use of second-hand raw materials, by being the least energy-consuming as possible and by favouring local solutions, these are the objectives of the Wilmet Group.

Wilmet Namur