Founded towards the end of the 19th century by Mr Jules Quintin, the Wilmet Group, originally based in the Charleroi region, has evolved over the decades to become a figurehead of metal recycling in Wallonia at the end of the 20th century.  No less than six generations have succeeded one another at the head of the company since its creation.  Each making its contribution to the group’s transition.  With the 21st century new challenges have arisen.

Here are the key dates of the group’s evolution across the ages.

1880      Creation Ventes de vieux métaux Jules Quintin et fils in Jumet

19??      Auguste Quintin takes the reins and continues his father’s establishment situated Chaussée de Bruxelles in Jumet.

19??      Armand Quintin comes to support his father in the family company. In 194à copper is sold at the price of 9.10 Belgian francs a kilo. 

1956      The company moves from Jumet and sets up in the Namur region.  At the same time, Jean Wilmet joins his father-in-law’s company, he does shipping alongside and definitively takes over the metal activity on the death of his father-in-law (11/03/67 )

1972      Construction of buildings in Jambes (30-year operating licence)

1974      Sale of business to Belfra Metal

1974      Pierre Wilmet starts his purchasing/selling metal activity in Ateliers de Jambes and is quickly joined by his father.

1981      Arrival of Jacques Wilmet within the company.

1985      The sprl Wilmet becomes a public limited company.  The little structure grows to become a SMB including ten or so workers.

1995      Arrival of Cathy Wilmet within the company.

1996      Death of Jean Wilmet

1997      Buying of the company Sametal SA situated on the Monsin Island in Liege.

2000      The main site of Jambes moves to the new site of Malonne.

2004      Creation of Wilmetrans, a transport company dedicated to transporting metal waste.

2010      Buying of Autocasse Duvigneaud in Halanzy

2011      Creation of the Holding SoHoW

2014      Buying of GRSE, a recycling centre for electrical and electronic waste based in Schoten

2016      Appointment of Mr Benjamin Colas as managing director of the Wilmet Group and its subsidiaries

2022      Acquisition of Colimetals, a metal recycling yard located in Rijkevorsel (Antwerp Province) along the canal.

2023      Relocation of Wilmet Luxembourg from the Halanzy site to a new site in Aubange.

2023      Takeover of the direction and management of Wilmet Namur by Bastien Wilmet and Guillaume Abras, two children from the Wilmet family.

Wilmet Namur