Benjamin Colas

Managing director of the Wilmet Group and its subsidiaries since the 1st January 2016, Benjamin contributes his many years experience in corporate management.


Stéphanie Wilmet

Stéphanie Wilmet has been working for the Wilmet Group since 2008. Having worked in the group’s different subsidiaries in turn, she has knowledge of the field as well as of the staff.  This is why since January 2016 she agreed to manage the Human Resources & Quality/Safety/Environment departments.


Laurie Wilmet

Laurie is general accounting manager of the Wilmet Group and all of its subsidiaries.  Active within the Group since 2009, she is the company’s Madam Figures.  VAT, balance sheets, consolidations, loans, reporting.


Geoffrey Abras

Research and Development manager as well as communication manager.  Present within the company for more than 10 years.  In turn responsible for transport then purchasing/sales, Geoffrey now looks after ensuring the Wilmet Group’s shift towards a more sustainable, circular model.